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grande opera frankfurt sex sömmerda

on ground level is a passage to the bridge. Retrieved 19 November 2016 Thüringer Allgemeine. A b History and Buildings Cuhaj, George.,. 23 The Peterskirche suffered under the French occupation, with its inventory being auctioned off to other local churches including the organ, bells and even the tower of the Corpus Christi chapel ( Fronleichnamskapelle ) and the former monastery's library being donated to the University. The Rennsteig is connected to the E3 European long distance path, which goes from the Atlantic coast of Spain to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, and the E6 European long distance path, running from Arctic Finland to Turkey. The city's football club FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt is member. It is a Gothic church and was built around 1300.


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It is attached to the Ursulinenkloster,. The Great Depression between 19 led to a disaster for Erfurt, nearly one out of three became unemployed. Retrieved b c "Kurzer historischer Überblick" Brief historical overview. All tram lines are linked here, so that it became the new city centre during the 20th century with many important buildings. On the western side is the building of the old Erfurt station (184795) with a clock tower and the former offices of the Thuringian Railway Company. The fountain on this square with the sculpture "Scuffling Boys" was created in 1975. 43 Today it has exhibitions on the history of East Germany and the activities of its regime.


Swinger Treff, irgendwo in Deutschland. Museums edit Erfurt has a great variety of museums: The Stadtmuseum (municipal museum) shows aspects of Erfurt's history with a focus on the Middle Ages, early modern history, Martin Luther and the university. 60 The Cyriaksburg Citadel ( de ) is a smaller citadel south-west of the city centre, dating from 1480. In 1483, a first city fortress was built on Cyriaksburg hill in the southwestern part of the town. Trolleybuses were in service in Erfurt from 19, but are no longer in service. Retrieved 28 December 2017 Verein der Freunde der Citadelle Petersberg zu Erfurt.V.

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