Abspritzparty low und tight beschnitten

abspritzparty low und tight beschnitten

referring to opinions, not facts. Hadding ( talk ) 23:34, 27 September 2009 (UTC) Here is the interview that the newspaper article ( ml )"s and which the wiki article is using as a source: Nowhere in that interview does he say he suspects he's part Jewish. That implies that he continued to claim that the UFO claims were real - at least that is how the Wikipedia article on the Nazi UFO's interprets the same statement. The Turner Diaries were in turn read by Mr McVeigh ( the world reknown bomb design expert of ok bombing fame ). Sincerely, ( talk ) 23:03, (UTC) Actually you don't understand what is allowed and what is not allowed, because you are engaged in edit-warring with three other editors. Yet that claim follows immediately after him being"d as admitting that it is fiction - which incidentally is surely obvious. It's possible that the intrepretation of his literature might be extreme and he's not actually a denier. Zundel still thinks the holocaust is bunkum - he must be a self-hating Jew. abspritzparty low und tight beschnitten

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